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At Children's Medical Group Our providers and friendly staff provide all pediatric medical care including (not limited to):

  • Well Exams from birth to age 21

  • Acute & Chronic Illnesses

  • Sports and school physicals

  • Immunizations

  • In-Patient Hospital Care for Our Patients.

  • Newborn care & circumcision at the hospital.

  • Circumcision in our office                          

  • Courtesy Prenatal visits for expecting mothers!​

We offer special care for:

  • Asthma & Allergies

  • School and Behavioral Issues (ADHD, Learning Disabilities...)

  • Skin care, eczema.

  • Develpoment and milestones

  • Nutrition and Growth.

  • Cardiac Conditions( Murmurs, Congenital heart diseases...)

  • Wound Care and Burns

  • Newborn circumcision in office and hospital

  • Prenatal courtesy visits and consults

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